Lead and Competition Horses

We also have quite a few competition and lead horses that are ridden by our staff, friends and associates. These horses are used to take out rides but also compete in National and Regional competitions.

At Tiffany’s you might meet:

Touché Fouquet

14hh, 7 years, Cruzado Portuguese gelding (Gelded 2008). SOLD 2010
Touché was a mistake. Deborah accidently left his sire's (Fouquet) stable door open. Son of Scrumpy, this little horse jumps 1.50m loose in the arena. 


Hancocks Angel Bell

 14.1hh, 16 years, Quarter Horse mare. Born in Santa Fe, America,
Angel traveled by aeroplane, truck and boat to arrive in the Algarve. Angel takes many rides out as the lead horse as she is only ridden by staff and a few friends. She has had one foal - Questing Cherub. 
Daffs 15.3hh, 9 years, Thouroughbred mare.
Rupert Blues

16.1hh, 15 years, Thouroughbred gelding.

Ballykissangel (Megan) 17.3hh 12 years Irish Draught mare.