FAQs and their answers


If you have any further queries, please don't
hesitate to contact us at

Q. Is it necessary to book? A. Yes, in order for us to ensure that the horses and guides are available and to arrange groups of riders according to their various abilities
Q. What are your opening hours? A. October to May - 10am to 1pm, 3pm to dusk
June to September - 9am to 1pm, 3pm to 8pm
Q. Can I book rides by e-mail? A. Rides may be booked by e-mail, one week in advance of the ride. On advice of the availability from Tiffany's the booking can only be confirmed by our receipt of a 50% deposit, as below. This deposit is non-returnable without 48 hours notice of cancellation.
Q. What payment do you accept? A. Cash in Euros or PayPal
Q. Why do you need to know my height and weight? A. So that we can select a horse that is most suitable for your size
Q. Why do you need to know my riding experience? A. So that that we can allocate one of our horses to suit your experience and arrange groups of riders according to length of ride and of similar experience.
Q. I would like to book a ride, but I am unsure of our group's ability. A. When booking please state the riding standard of your least experienced rider.
Tiffany's riding standards may be classed as:
1. Beginner - Never ridden or only ridden occasionally when on holiday.
2. Novice - Have had some lessons. When riding can steer, stop, start, ride out and manage rising trot.
3. Intermediate - Can walk, trot and canter when required both out on rides or in the arena.
4. Advanced - Can walk, trot, canter and jump. Has ridden regularly or possibly owns a horse.
Q. What should I wear?
A. We realise that you are on holiday so any long trousers and enclosing shoes such as trainers are acceptable.
We have modern skull caps in all sizes and half chaps, the hire of these is included in the price of the ride. 
A small selection of  boots are also available for client's use, but we may not have any that fit. Please bring your own socks!
Raincoats are also available for wet weather riding.
If you do have your own hat, we recommend that you do bring it, as this will fit you better.
Q. Why do I have to wear a riding helmet? A. For anyone riding our horses it is an insurance requirement.
Our riding hats conform to BS EN 1384:1997 in all sizes from 000 to 5, including sizes.
Q. Why is the Beginner's Ride recommended for me? A. If you have never ridden before, or need a basic refresher, the instruction will be beneficial to your comfort and safety. Our horses will also better understand your signals!
Q. I can ride, but my friend has never ridden before. Can we go out together? A. Yes, you may book in a Country Ride that will accompany the hour ride out of the Beginner's Ride.
Q. I can ride, but my friend has never ridden before. Will we be able to canter on the Beginner's Ride? A. There is NO cantering on the Beginner's Ride. Should you be more experienced than your friends, and unwilling to ride at their pace, Tiffany's suggests that you book a separate ride more suited to your ability
Q. Do you ride Western at all? A. No. Our horses are not trained for it and neither do we have the required tack.
Q. My child has a disability (physical or mental) are the rides or lessons suitable for them? A. We require prior confirmation from the rider's doctor that they are allowed to ride without the presence of a physiotherapist or psychologist. We have ample volunteers to cope with individual disabilities in a safe environment. Our therapeutic horses have been chosen for their willing disposition and ease of movement. Tiffany is a qualified hippotherapy instructor and for any special requirements or queries, please contact her directly. 
Q. Why do you not cater for my 3 year old toddler? A. Our insurers consider a 3 year old too young to ride.
Q. Why is my 13 year old too old for a pony ride? A. Unless your 13 year old has special needs, they should be eminently capable of a Beginner's Ride or Country Ride.
Q. I am pregnant. Can I ride at Tiffany's? A. Our insurers consider it unwise to ride when pregnant.
Q. My friends and I want to do the Safari Ride. What recommendations and suggestions do you have? A. The coastal or florestal Safari ride is suitable for intermediate or advanced riders due to the pace (canter) and the extreme control required along the cliffs and roads. However, Safari rides for novice to intermediate riders will enjoy the experience of local Algarvean countryside with its wild flowers and fauna, and, of course, your guide is experienced and can answer any questions you may have regarding riding, your horses, the countryside as you see it or the local culture.
Q. I am thinking of booking your Adventure Ride. What recommendations and suggestions do you have? A. Our Adventure Ride starts at 10am. going north of the riding centre into the National Forest. We stop for lunch at about 1pm for an hour and a half, riding back to Tiffany's in the afternoon. We consider the Adventure Ride to be strenuous as you will be in the saddle for five hours. It is suitable for Intermediate and Advanced riders, however, we do suggest that you have previously ridden at Tiffany's beforehand to ensure your comfort on the horse that we have selected for you.
Q. Can we just hire horses and go out on our own? A. No. All rides go out with one of our experienced qualified guides that know the local area.
Q. Can we ride on the beach? A. Unfortunately not. The Coastal Byelaws prohibit this. All our local beaches look to have a Blue Flag designation so no animals are allowed.
Q. Why are there no rides over lunchtime? A. The horses have to have their lunch as well as us! We do not take rides out between 1pm and 3pm.
Q. I haven't hired a car. How can I get to the stables?
By Taxi:
Although most of the town centres have a taxi rank, we do recommend that Taxis are booked in advance with a phone call. Here are a few numbers that might help, international phone code +351:
Dario: 917 210 311
Manuel: 919 092 590
Cooperativa Lagos: 282 763 587
Arade: 282 460 610, 967 238 507, 967 238 506, 919 622 294
By Bus:
Our closest Bus Stop is " Belo Horizonte" on the EN125:
On the local Onda (
and Eva ( bus routes.